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Shivani is a self-taught freelance makeup artist based in Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI. She began her career as a professional MUA in 2018 after many years of pursuing makeup as a hobby. Shivani decided to turn her passion into a business when she realized there was a lack of South Asian makeup artists in her local community, but a high demand for them. Now, she offers bridal and non-bridal makeup services locally and internationally.

Shivani has always believed that life should be spent doing what you love most and what brings you happiness. For her, makeup is that thing!


Shivani's goal as an MUA is to create a look that highlights her client’s natural beauty and makes them feel like the most beautiful version of themself while using the best high-end products. She does this by prioritizing her client’s requests and adjusting her makeup style to match their vision. Shivani strives to create a look that best fits her client's taste and personality. She believes every client is unique and, therefore, deserves an individualized makeup look to complement their innate beauty.

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